WHAT:BUTT CAMP / NOT BOOTCAMP 2021—a 14 day program to lift your butt in 10-15 minutes a day. WHEN:

Anytime you need a little butt/mood lift.


Your living room/ in-laws' house/ hotel room/ office/ literally anywhere... here on Backbody Live


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$28 á la carte and you keep it for 30 days.


Calling all campers! It's time to work that ass. A quick, daily booty-building practice to add to your regular BBP workout schedule, any other workout you love, OR to do as a stand alone routine. 8-15 minutes a day for 15 days will set you on a path to lift, tone, and activate your backside.

Butt Camp 2021 is included with your Backbody Live membership OR rent it for 30 days for $28, no membership required. You've got nothing to lose and a sweet backside to gain.

We've got your backside!

Questions? Get in touch. team@backbodyproject.com


Meegan, Taylor, Katy, & Estee